Farm to table

Last year we decided to buy our meat directly from the farm.  I was a little concerned at first because it costs so much at first, for us a quarter cow was a little less than $700. When you breakdown the price was paid like $3.15 per pound. Now, this included an enormous amount of ground beef, we also received a bunch of steaks including strip, ribeye, sirloin and porterhouse all for 3.15 a pound! That’s is a really great deal, considering how much you pay st the grocery store.  The quality of the meat was great, it tastes great and is pretty lean. When I compared store bought ground beef to the direct from the farm it was eye opening. The store bought was very dull in color, had a little smell to it as well. The direct from farm meat was rich in color and smelled fresh. Not only did they smell differently when cooking but the difference in taste was amazing. It was crazy, because I thought the store bought meat I bought for 7.00 per pound was the best of the best. Sadly this is not true and extremely disappointing.  
I honestly now will not buy store bought red meat again. Buying direct from the farm is the way to go!! 


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