Crazy, Beautiful Life

Crazy, Beautiful Life.(with a little more gray hairs than yesterday )

Written by: AGF 

​Hey all, welcome to the blog that will hopefully support you, learn with you, laugh with you, and maybe even make your day a little bit better realizing that motherhood does not come easy or peacefully.

​This is my first post on this blog and I wanted to, of course, first introduce who I am. I am a stay-at-home mom (newly inducted) to three babies, I am a wife of six years, I am a dog mom, I am a sister, I am daughter, I am a christian, But most importantly I am a woman trying to make it all work.

​Being a mom I have learned that compromise and showers go a long way and to make any day a good day we must first realize that time goes way to quickly and the moments that frustrate us and make us think it will never end are the times we will eventually look back at and tell the memory of. ( Thats what I am hoping at least).

​In today’s world it is hard to try and keep it all together while trying to raise a family and be the best wife, homemaker and friend you can be; but sharing each story and getting advice and just pure laughter will make it all work even though I feel at times, I am putting a square into a circle.

​So join me as we walk the path of motherhood and marriage together and go through the every-days. I will give all the gory details of how potty training, making dinner, tantrums, food crusted laundry and finding time for you and hubby can be a fun and loving challenge. See how faith and some strong coffee can make every gray hair worth it. ​


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